About Us

About Us

In the era of technology, everything is measured in numbers, be it money or years, calories or solving geometric problems, clothing sizes or transportation issues, mathematics or physics. Our calculator was created to simplify the problems that you meet in life when you need to calculate, compare, convert. Be with us and we will help!

Our goal

We make problem solutions more rational, one calculation at a time, and always try to find and add the most valuable solutions for you. On each calculator, you will find the guide for how to use a calculator, the definition of your calculation, formula with which program made a calculation.


OwlCalculator is a free online tool developed and maintained by iForce Systems LLC. This web app offers a collection of free online calculators, each solving a real problem, the answers to which are sought by millions of people around the world.


The idea of OwlCalculator was born in 2019 to help students quickly solve problems with converting metric units of measurement since, in the CIS countries and other countries where the metric system is accepted as the official measurement system, students often face problems when converting between other measurement systems. Then the idea arises to create a tool with a large set of possible calculations that will help people solve their problems quickly and easily. Why an owl? since owls are associated with wisdom and intelligence, we decided that it's the best choice for our calculator.