Frequently Asked Questions

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Is OwlCalculator.com free to use?

Yes, our services are totally free! You can use as much as you want.

Is OwlCalculator.com safe for my PC?

OwlCalculator.com is very safe website. Our calculators are virus-free.

Can I have an account?

No. You do not need to register to use our services.

How to use calculators?

On each calculator page, you will find the "How to use" section, where the instructions for using the calculator are described in detail.

Can I link from my website to a calculator on OwlCalculator.com?

Yes, please feel free to link to any page on OwlCalculator.com.

How should I send suggestions or report problems?

We appreciate and welcome any suggestions and bug reporting. Please feel free to contact us. If it involves a calculator, please include the URL of the calculator and the parameters you used.

Do you have an API for the calculators?

Unfortunately, we do not provide an API at this time. But stay tuned to the latest developments as we work on this feature.

How can I advertise on OwlCalculator.com?

Please use Google Adwords managed placements. Please do not try to reach us on advertisement optimization, header bidding, etc.