Physics is the field of natural science, the science of the simplest and at the same time the most general laws of nature, about matter, its structure, and movement. The laws of physics are the foundation of all-natural science. Our calculator will help you solve physics problems.


The history of physics investigates the evolution of physics - a science that studies the fundamental (most general) properties and laws of motion of objects in the material world. The subject of the history of physics is the identification and generalized analysis of the main events and trends in the development of physical knowledge.

Until the 17th century, mechanics, physics, chemistry, earth sciences, astronomy, and even physiology were part of a "package of knowledge" called "natural philosophy" and combining positive information about natural phenomena and ingenious guesses (concepts of space, time, movement, the idea of natural law, infinity of the world, continuum of space, discrete structure of matter) with speculative fantasies and erroneous conclusions about the causes of these phenomena.

The history of physics as an independent science begins in the 17th century with the experiments of Galileo and his students. Newton found the theoretical foundation of classical physics at the end of the 17th century. The combination of rapid technological development and its theoretical understanding in the 18th-19th centuries led to the identification of fundamental physical concepts (mass, energy, momentum, atoms, etc.) and the discovery of the fundamental laws of their interrelation, well tested in experiments.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the limitations of the scope of application of classical physics were discovered in several areas at once. The theory of relativity, quantum physics, and the theory of microparticles appeared. But the number of unsolved physical problems is still great, and this stimulates the activity of physicists to further develop this science. With the help of our calculator, you will find a large number of information formulas and solutions to your problems. Just stay with us as we always updating our calculator's list and doing our best for you.

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